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Northcoast Audio • Authorized KEF Speakers Dealer • Eureka, CA http://northcoastaudio.com
Hi-Fi Speakers • KEF Speakershttp://northcoastaudio.com

KEF Q Series • R series • T series • E series • LS50 • Blade

Northcoast Audio is an Authorized dealer for all KEF Speaker products

Northcoast Audio serves KEF customers in Northern California and Southern Oregon

Prices subject to change - see store for details

Visit our Showrooms at 5th and C Downtown Eureka, CA (707)444-8700

for latest pricing and info

page updated 7/13/13

Q100 Bookshelf $549/pr

Q300 Bookshelf $649/pr

Q500 Floorstander $1099/pr

Q700 Floorstander $1499/pr

Q900 Floorstander $1799/pr

Q200C Center $449/ea

Q600C Center $649/ea

Q800ds Dipole Surround $799/pr

Q400 Subwoofer $799/ea

Northcoast Audio

actively demonstrates the entire Q series in our Eureka showroom

These are some sexy speakers.

Yes they sound as good as they look.

And yes, (although we’d never do it personally)

they have magnetic grilles that cover up the drivers.

R100 Bookshelf $549/pr

R300 Bookshelf $649/pr

R500 Floorstander $1099/pr

R700 Floorstander $1499/pr

R900 Floorstander $1799/pr

R200C Center $449/ea

R600C Center $649/ea

R800ds Dipole Surround $1799/pr

Our best selling speakers at any price.

We feel the KEF Q series is one of the best values on the market right now for a great speaker. 

Excellent on their own as a Hi-Fi stereo speaker or as part of your complete breakfast surround system.

Incredibly open, with a wonderfully wide soundstage, we find our customers walk out the door (preferably, after they’ve paid for them) with these more than any other model line we sell. 

And we sell a lot of different speakers,
so that’s pretty cool.http://northcoastaudio.com/REVEL/Northcoast_Audio___Authorized_Dealer___REVEL_PERFORMA_3.html

Kef loves letters.

Q series, R, T, E, etc.

And we love KEF.

When we opened our new showroom, The KEFs were the first speakers we had on active display on day one. The reason? We love ‘em. And over the last several years they’ve only gotten better. “It’s a great time to be a KEF dealer” - a phrase we’ve been saying a lot here lately. Why? Their entire lineup, from the Q series to the $30,000 Blade have become some of the most talked about, best reviewed speakers in years. Every speaker model has been well thought out and designed for killer performance. And the sonic results are impressive.

From Mozart to Miles to Metallica and everything in between,

KEF reproduces the music with the open and natural sound that we love... Sounds like a canned marketing slogan, right?

No. We came up with that. Seriously, We really like these speakers.

Northcoast Audio is proud to be a full line dealer for KEF speakers


The company was founded in 1961 by Raymond Cooke OBE (1925–1995) and was initially headquartered in a surplus nissen hut on the premises of Kent Engineering & Foundry (from where the name KEF is derived) – a metal-working company on the banks of the River Medway, near Maidstone in Kent, England.

Cooke, an ex-BBC Electrical Engineer, was keen to experiment with new materials and technologies in order to create products with superior acoustic quality that could reproduce recordings as natural as the original performance. His contributions to the audio world were recognized by HM Queen Elizabeth II, when he was awarded the OBE, Order of the British Empire. And yeah, that’s pretty cool... even to us Americans.

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